Great content does not have to be a one-and-done game. We don’t always have the time to create new content and that is when it pays to look through your old content and freshen it up a bit. Are you out of ideas, or do you lack the time to create content one week? Well, good, relevant content can be the gift the keeps on giving.

Here are a few tips on how to make your content work harder for you!

  1. Update an old blog post/article. This is great for posts that are say two years or older, but still relevant. Update the links, add any new information and then add the new date – and voila! You have a new blog post that helps your SEO AND your readers.
  1. Turn a blog or article into an Infographic. Blog posts or articles that feature lists, or a set of directions, are great for infographics. This content repurposed as an infographic can be sent out in emails or posted on social media. Pinterest especially is great for infographics.
  1. Refresh old social media content. Posts from a year or two ago are likely still pertinent. They may just need to be updated. Recycle an old graphic and update it with new verbiage. Or use existing verbiage but create a new graphic or image. Share older posts via stories on platforms that offer image capability.
  1. Exchange content across platforms. Do you have a newsletter? You can get more bang for your buck by featuring all that content on social channels. Have you created a whitepaper or eBook? Pull data from it for a couple of blogs and perhaps even an article as well. Key points of note or great statistics can be made into an infographic. And I am sure you can pull several social media posts from it. Lastly, check over your social media. See if you can expand on existing social media posts by turning them into blog posts or newsletter features.
  1. Turn successful blog posts into articles. Do you have blog posts or social media posts that performed very well? If it makes sense, and they can be expanded, turn them into articles that can be featured in industry publications. A great way to boost your SEO!
  1. Create a podcast or video series. Videos perform anywhere from 35% to 45% better than static images, depending on the platform. Expand on existing content you’ve already posted by having candid discussions in a podcast. Or create a series of video blogs. Video is also a great way for people to see the real you and get to know your personality a little better.

Good luck! You should soon be getting more out of your content by making it work that much harder for you.

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