Success Stories

When it comes to PR and social media, Carter West has a proven track record of making good things happen. Here are just a few of our customer success stories. Let us know if you have a Carter West success story to share and we’ll be glad to add it to our list.

The Dohring Company Inc.

The Dohring Company is North America’s largest provider of custom market research to the retail automotive industry.


The Dohring Company conducted a national consumer survey to identify trends affecting the retail automotive industry. Carter West was retained to organize a press conference and release the study at the industry’s biggest trade show, the National Automobile Dealers Association trade show and conference (NADA). The goal: to position The Dohring Company as industry experts.

The press conference presented by Carter West Public Relations at NADA was attended by over 40 press representatives and industry analysts, from Reuters to the London Financial Times. The press conference resulted in press wires from all the major wire services including Associated Press and Reuters as well as stories in every major target publication including Automotive News, the The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, etc. The story was also covered on every major TV channel including CNN, CNBC, ABC News, etc.

Carter West Public Relations continued follow-up with the press after initial release of the information and generated five additional national press wire stories ranging from Associated Press to Copley News Service. In a one year period, these wire stories resulted in over 1,000 newspaper articles, mostly in major metropolitan newspapers as well as all key trade publications including Automotive News, Automotive Executive, Ward’s Dealer Business and others. replaces telephone-based scheduling with Internet technology that enhances the effectiveness and customer satisfaction of the dealership. By scheduling appointments directly through the dealer web site, customers make confirmed appointments instantly without call-backs.

When originally released, TimeHighway was not scalable and so, of little use to larger dealer groups. Consequently, it did not sell well. The company was acquired by new management and a year was spent on product and technology development and system scalability. The system was re-released into a highly competitive market. The major competitor had strong market presence and existing OEM relationships.

GOAL’s objective was to create media coverage in key automotive trade publications prior to NADA 2006 to develop dealer interest and help successfully showcase’s new technology at the show.

Carter West arranged to have included in an article in Automotive News on the subject of online scheduling six weeks prior to the show. Carter West also got them exposure in the The Wall Street Journal one month prior to NADA and in the NADA show issues of Auto Exec Magazine and Fixed Ops Magazine. Consequently, TimeHighway had a lot of interest from dealers and a busy booth at the show.

Cash Technologies

Cash Technologies developed and markets CoinBank, a self-service coin deposit machine that sorts loose change. The machine is able to return to consumers the amount of change redeemed less service fees either by issuing credits on a bank ATM card, or in cash dispensed by a bank teller.

Cash Technology’s objective was to successfully premier CoinBank at the BAI (Banking Administration Institute) show, the banking industry’s largest trade show. However, delays in developing the new technology had left the company with very little lead time to prepare for the important event.

Though hired on short notice, Carter West PR set up appointments with editors from all of Cash Technologies’ core trade publications, including two last-minute appointments at the show itself. The stellar result was 100% coverage by every targeted publication, including Bank Technology News, ABA Banking Journal; EFT Report, Credit Union Times and American Banker.

Seeing potential appeal for the new technology beyond BAI, Carter West PR also promoted CoinBank to the mainstream press and obtained broad recognition for it with key articles in Forbes, U.S. News & World Report and the Los Angeles Business Journal as well as coverage on ABC News and CNN.


Keystone Marketing Specialists, Inc.

Keystone Marketing provides retail field marketing services for computer and consumer electronics vendors. Services are designed to increase sales at the retail level.

Compared to its competitors, Keystone Marketing is a relatively small company. It relies on only eight full-time employees and approximately 200 independent contractors to fulfill its service contracts. Keystone was up against several large consulting firms perceived to have more marketing muscle and greater name recognition

The primary goal was to raise industry awareness of Keystone Marketing’s services. A secondary goal was to gain recognition of Keystone’s founder and President, Karen Settle, as a successful businesswoman with the experience, knowledge and ability to spearhead the retail marketing plans of even the largest companies in any given industry.

Carter West PR pursued a two-pronged approach to achieve its primary and secondary objectives. The initial step was to survey Keystone’s industry partners and clients to isolate key issues.

The survey uncovered a clear need among retail stores for more training from their vendors. Addressing this issue, Carter West developed a feature pitch that resulted in articles and coverage in all of the campaign’s key publications; including TWICE (This Week in Consumer Electronics), Computer Retail Week, Computing Channels, Consumer Multimedia Report, and Computer Entertainment & Retailing.

To achieve the secondary objective Carter West PR focused on one of Settle’s unique business practices – outsourcing.  Settle was a strong supporter of using independent contractors and the idea was attracting widespread interest. Taking advantage of this trend, Carter West promoted Settle as an outsourcing expert, obtaining articles in INC Magazine, Entrepeneur, the Los Angeles Times and Executive Female; as well as appearances on CNBC’s “Minding Your Business,” “How to Succeed in Business,” CNN/FN’s “Business Unusual”, CNN’s “Lou Dobb’s Money Line” and interviews on several prominent radio shows. Settle also appeared as a panel participant at Women in Technology International’s (WITI’s) annual “Business in Technology” conference.

In the first eight months of Carter West PR’s comprehensive public relations program, industry awareness of Keystone Marketing and Karen Settle had plainly skyrocketed. With these objectives achieved, Carter West PR and Keystone Marketing moved on to formulate and address new goals promoting Keystone’s continued growth.

Applause, Inc.

Applause, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of gifts, collectibles, stuffed animals, beanbags and action figures.

A PR strategy was needed to support the “Susan Bear,” a special stuffed animal release for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Proceeds from the sale of Susan Bears had been pledged to support the non-profit Komen Foundation.

The program developed and implemented by Carter West Public Relations resulted in extensive coverage of the Susan Bear stuffed animal in major daily newspapers and trade publications, plus a 3-minute piece on Fox Morning News, one of the top-rated morning news programs.

Marketing executives at Applause, Inc. felt they could not have gotten better coverage of the product with paid advertising. Their supply of Susan Bears was quickly exhausted with sales figures beyond expectations.

InfoLink Screening Services

InfoLink is a nationwide provider of background screening, drug testing programs and products, drug awareness training, behavioral assessments, employment physicals and paperless employment applications.

The primary goal was to raise awareness of InfoLink’s services among human resource professionals in general and particularly in key industries felt to be underutilizing background screening services.

InfoLink was a newer, mid-sized company in a field with many large and well-known competitors. However, InfoLink had done a marketing survey of companies utilizing background-check services which had determined that “legal compliance” was one of five major concerns among companies when selecting a vendor for background screening services. While competitive in other respects, InfoLink’s CEO, Barry Nadell, felt the company should also excel in addressing clients’ legal concerns.

Carter West PR pursued a two-pronged approach.

Most of the publications InfoLink needed to reach were trade publications that had little use for company news as would normally be contained in press releases. Therefore, the first step towards attracting the interest of these publications was to craft industry-specific case studies which vividly portrayed the benefits of successful and legally compliant screening programs.

The case studies leveraged InfoLink clients with excellent name recognition to enhance the impact and appeal of the stories. The strategy shortly bore fruit as case studies highlighting InfoLink began routinely appearing in print. Many times the same case study would appear both in an HR (human resource) publications like Workforce as well as an industry-specific publications relating to the subject of the case study, such as Paint & Coatings or Pest Control Technology.

The second part of the strategy was to ghost write articles for the InfoLink’s CEO, Barry Nadell, which would position him as an industry expert. Articles three to four pages in length were soon regularly appearing in key industry publications, resulting in increased leads and sales for InfoLink. Barry Nadell was also invited to join the Advisory Board of a prominent HR publication, a tangible recognition that his stature as an expert in background screening had been achieved.