We’re public relations and social media experts at the intersection of Automotive and Technology. Our clients benefit from the many strong relationships we’ve developed with media, journalists and industry thought leaders.  This is our main focus and by specializing in this segment of the market we can provide incredible value and expertise to our clients.

We believe that “one size” does not fit all, and while some public relations firms serve many industries and might tell you they know your business area too, we often find that is not the case when it comes to gaining exposure in the automotive market.

Our strong results oriented process is designed to maximize our efforts, leverage cutting edge technology and social media platforms to obtain every advantage for our clients.

Quite simply, we build conversations about you, and let powerful “word of mouth” take over and get the word out to your prospects and the industry.   We invite you to call us at 727-288-2159 to get more information on how we can help you grow your business and make a powerful media splash.