You’ve written a well-crafted release, published it to the wire, and now you sit back and wait for the phone to ring? Not so much. There are a lot of different uses for a press release that not only get your release more attention, they will also increase the ROI on the time and effort spent writing and publishing your release. Here are 7 ways to extend the life of your press release.

#1 – Distribute Internally.  If you don’t make it a practice of sending out press releases to the whole company, you should. People want to know what is new and exciting at their place of work. Your employees should be your biggest fans and supporters. Sharing news with them will help keep them educated about your company and your products. It’s a great way to build morale and engagement internally.

#2 – Distribute to Your Sales Team.  Your sales team is always looking for some little nugget they can share with a customer, make sure you are utilizing your press releases as selling tools.  Provide them with both electronic and printed copies of your press releases so that they can share the good news. Not only is this a great selling tool, it also goes a long way in educating the sales team on new products or changes within the company.

#3 – Publish to Industry Blogs.  Every industry has blogs and forums that share best practices and industry news. Most of these have a section for news, or they will let you post your news releases for free. Make contact with the editor/manager of these sites and figure out how they prefer you post industry news. Getting your news release up on these sites can really go a long way in getting the attention from your end customer.

#4 – Send Personally to Industry Media.  Are you sending personal notes with your new release to your industry contacts? A great way to grow the “legs” of your press release is to send directly to industry editors with a note on why they should pay attention. They will appreciate the heads up and at a minimum will be more aware of what is happening with your company. It’s always good to stay on the radar of the industry press!

#5 – Pitch to Local Media.  In this economy a story about growth, expansion, development, improvement or jobs at a local business goes a long way with the local media. Don’t exclude them from your personal list, make sure you send them your news on a regular basis. They will appreciate being informed and if it has an angle they are looking for, you may get some press out of it.

#6 – Post to Social Media.  Always include your press releases on your social media. Make sure your release is posted to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at a minimum.

#7 – Update Your Press Kit.  Lastly, don’t forget to update your online and print versions of your press kit. Journalists, investors and prospective employees look to your News Room as a resource, so make sure it has your latest and greatest news at all times.

Press Releases at the end of the day are a marketing vehicle. Make sure you are getting the most out of each and every one. You put a lot of effort into writing, editing and distributing to the wire, just a few more steps will garner a bigger end result. Lastly, one final tip on format: when distributing to the press, they like Word documents so they can cut and paste, but when distributing internally, distribute in PDF form so that it doesn’t get “accidentally” edited. Ping me on Facebook or Twitter if you have any follow up questions or comments!

Sara Callahan | Carter West Public Relations




by Sara Callahan