Video content has pretty much become the preferred medium for consumers. Social media platforms increasingly give video content preferential reach and content producers have adjusted their strategies accordingly.

In retail automotive, video is used very effectively to market dealerships and their inventory, because the content successfully attracts consumers’ eyeballs in a very crowded market.

However, for automotive vendors in the B2B, rather than B2C space, video tends to be underutilized, despite the fact that it can be (and is) just as effective. I counsel clients all of the time to create video content as it typically performs well and elicits response and engagement.

If you are looking to use video in your content marketing strategy to increase your digital footprint and reach more potential customers, here are a few suggestions that can help:

  1. Informational Videos: How often does your support team have to answer common questions? Video FAQs and tutorials can help answer those most commonly asked questions and alleviate some of the strain placed on support staff. These type of videos also tend to provide excellent SEO value.You can have the best product or service in the universe. But, if a dealer isn’t utilizing it (whether that’s because they don’t know how, or don’t know the feature exists), a cancellation letter is likely to follow. Informational videos can include explanations of features (existing or new), and tips and tricks about how your customers can get maximum value from your products and services. These videos can then be viewed on demand and the client can get any questions answered quickly and more efficiently learn how to use a particular feature.
  1. Personal Introductions: Just as dealerships have a “Meet the Staff” page on their websites, most vendors do as well. Consider injecting some personality into your staff pages through the inclusion of video introductions and bios. Be creative, as these are a really great way to highlight your personality and company culture..
  1. Video Emails: Video emails are a highly effective way for dealers to interact with consumers because they show some time and effort was taken to personally respond, and help build more of a connection. The same technology use can be used by vendors to elicit a more positive response and personal interaction with customers. Most will appreciate the time and effort that went into the video response.
  1. Testimonials: Testimonial videos can be an extremely powerful way to leverage your existing customers to communicate the success they’ve had with your products or services. Consumers (and business owners) rely heavily on reviews, whether online, or through word-of-mouth. Video reviews tend to be that much more impactful, because viewers can hear and also see the sincerity, enthusiasm and satisfaction the reviewer shares.
  1. Video Blogs: Video blogs tend to produce more views and interaction than written blogs. If you write and post blogs, consider adding video blogs into the mix. Just as in written blogs, these really should not be promotional. There is a time and place for product-driven blogs – posted on your site to explain new technologies or features, for example. However, for your social media and external sites, consider sharing your advice and best practices with the dealer community. There are several online communities where you can share your opinion, voice and expertise. And, if your content is good, your blogs will be welcome, read with interest and you can become better known as an industry expert, helping to keep you top of mind.

So, give it a try. Get out that camera and start filming. You’ll quickly find any time and effort put into creating video content will pay off through increased exposure, attention and business.

Sara Callahan | Carter West Public Relations