InfoLink Screening Services

InfoLink Screening Services

What they do: InfoLink is a nationwide provider of background screening, drug testing programs and products, drug awareness training, behavioral assessments, employment physicals and paperless employment applications.

PR Goal: The primary goal was to raise awareness of InfoLink’s services among human resource professionals in general and particularly in key industries felt to be underutilizing background screening services. InfoLink is a newer, mid-sized company in a field with many large and well-known competitors.  However, InfoLink had done a marketing survey of companies utilizing background-check services which had determined that “legal compliance” was one of five major concerns among companies when selecting a vendor for background screening services.  While competitive in other respects, InfoLink’s CEO, Barry Nadell, felt the company could particularly excel in addressing clients’ legal concerns.

Results:  Carter-West PR pursued a two-pronged approach. Most of the publications InfoLink needed to reach were trade publications that had little use for company news as would normally be contained in press releases.  Therefore, the first step towards attracting the interest of these publications was to craft industry-specific case studies which vividly portrayed the benefits of successful and legally compliant screening programs.

The case studies leveraged InfoLink clients with excellent name recognition to enhance the impact and appeal of the stories.  The strategy shortly bore fruit as case studies highlighting InfoLink began routinely appearing in print.  Many times the same case study would appear both in an HR (human resource) publication like Workforce as well as an industry-specific publication relating to the subject of the case study, such as Paint & Coatings or Pest Control Technology.

The second part of the strategy was to ghost write articles for the InfoLink’s CEO, Barry Nadell, which would position him as an industry expert.  Articles three to four pages in length were soon regularly appearing in key industry publications, resulting in increased leads and sales for InfoLink.  Barry Nadell was also invited to join the Advisory Board of a prominent HR publication, a tangible recognition that his stature as an expert in background screening had been achieved.