Core Principles

Here at Carter West, we ask ourselves every day: What separates us from our competitors? Our answers led to the below list of five core principles. In a sense, we could have limited our list to a single rule: We always do what’s best for the client.

With that in mind, here are five principles we like to follow when doing our best:

      • Personal. We will always give personal attention to each client and will remain responsive to each client’s needs and best interests. Unlike a huge global agency with multiple layers and where nobody knows your name, at Carter West we make it a point of pride to really know and understand our clients. You never get lost in the shuffle.
      • Aware. When a client invests in our services, we will do what it takes to gain an in-depth understanding and awareness of that client’s specialized market. At Carter West, we love to roll up our sleeves and dig in.
      • Respectful.We believe in treating everyone with great professional courtesy and respect. At Carter West, it doesn’t matter if you’re the King of Brunei or a three-person technology start-up, you’ll receive the same royal treatment.
      • Transparent. We will work closely with each client to set, monitor and accomplish their business objectives. We believe in paying close attention to details. And we believe in full accountability of those details—no surprises.
      • Trusting. The heart and soul of any successful client-vendor relationship is based on trust. At Carter West, we will always work hard to earn and justify your trust, every hour of every day, minute by minute.


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