About Us


Founded in 1990, Carter West Public Relations specializes in B-to-B retail automotive and technology.  Our market focus means clients receive the most targeted and strategic public relations results, all based on a proven plan for success. Our services include PR consulting and training,  campaign development, media relations, analyst relations, and writing services.

Our company philosophy is driven by results. We are proven experts at gaining maximum press exposure for clients. For example, our placement rate for press releases, case studies and in-depth feature studies is greater than 90 percent.

When a TV news anchor, national magazine or niche trade journal comments on a company or product, it has a far greater influence on audiences than the presentation of identical material in advertisements or sales literature. And it generally costs a whole lot less.

Successful PR efforts rely on a universal truth: “They say” carries more weight than “We say.”

There’s an old axiom in public relations: “Be caught in the act of doing good.” Our job is to help you get caught. And we’re very, very good at it.

Contact Sara Callahan directly by phone at 727-288-2159, or use our contact form on this site.