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Founded in 1990, Carter West Public Relations is a leading agency specializing in the retail automotive industry. After 27 years of hands-on experience in this industry alone, we know it inside out. There’s an old axiom in public relations: “Be caught in the act of doing good.” Our job is to help you get caught within the automotive industry. And we’re very, very good at it.

From traditional PR to social media and content marketing, we’ll help you take the automotive industry by storm as the leading agency in the space.

Our market focus means clients receive the most targeted and strategic public relations results, all based on a proven plan for success. Our services include Content Creation & Marketing, Social Media, PR Consulting and Training, Campaign Development, Media Relations and Analyst Relations.

Our company philosophy is driven by results. We are proven experts at gaining maximum press exposure for clients and placement and syndication of blogs, articles and other content.

When a TV news anchor, national magazine or niche trade journal comments on a company or product, it has a far greater influence on audiences than the presentation of identical material in advertisements or sales literature. And it generally costs a whole lot less.

Successful PR efforts rely on a universal truth: “They say” carries more weight than “We say.”

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Sara West Callahan

Founder & President

Ms. Callahan brings 24 years of public relations and promotions experience to Carter West PR.

Born in the United Kingdom, Ms. Callahan began her career there with a publishing company. Lacking an advertising budget to promote a newly-released book, she instead developed a creative PR strategy to publicize the new series of science fiction books by L. Ron Hubbard — Battlefield Earth and, later, Mission Earth. The strategy involved a series of high-profile and slightly outrageous media events, including visits from a nine-foot purple alien! The campaign was a huge success with as many as 75 articles and ten radio/TV interviews per week. Needless to say, the campaign achieved its objectives and the books became national bestsellers.

Sara Callahan re-located to the United States and California twenty years ago and held executive positions in several marketing/communications firms before founding her own agency, Carter West Public Relations, in 1990.

Ms. Callahan’s particular strengths are clever, creative campaigns and news events that focus the attention of target audiences on a product or service, whether at the trade or consumer level. Such events typically involve media relations, client relations, campaign strategies, trade shows, special events, print and broadcast media placement.

In addition to honors for achieving three national best-selling science fiction books in both the U.S. and Great Britain, Sara Callahan has also been recognized by J. D. Power & Associates for managing one of the best campaigns in the nation for an auto mall. Working with the Thousand Oaks Auto Mall since 1991, her efforts have supported sales increases at the mall which have consistently exceeded industry averages.

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