Social Media is all about content. Great Content is the thing that now famous bloggers and social media gurus hang their hat on. They spend a tremendous amount of time searching for, creating, reposting and thinking about the content they post. If you aren’t consistently posting content worth the ReTweet or the “Like”, then you probably aren’t posting Great Content. These few tips might help steer you in a better direction.

Tip #1 – Be Relevant. My core client base is automotive, so I try to dig deep to find content that they will find interesting, engaging, educational or unique about the industry. Second to that, I run a PR firm, so I focus on providing my audience with things that will help them be better at PR or marketing for their businesses. Honestly, no one wants to hear that you are in the airport 3-4 times per week and only your friends want to know where you are having dinner Carter West Public Relationsevery night. If your business and personal accounts are one and the same, maybe it’s time to consider separating them if your goal is the promotion of your business through social media. The key here is to develop and monitor content that is relevant and timely for your audience, unsure of your audience? Well, that leads me to tip #2.

Tip #2 – Know Your Audience. Are you speaking to business people or is your Twitter following just a few friends? Promoting your business is not about the sheer number of followers you have or number of Facebook “Likes”, it’s about the right followers and the right audience. Follow those that you want to follow and make a dedicated effort to reach out to those you want to follow you on both Facebook and Twitter. Let them know that you have something of value to say, give them a reason to connect with you and chances are that they will!

Tip #3 – Keep Up. Developing social media content that is relevant and timely is extremely time consuming. It takes dedicated effort to stay abreast on developments in your industry or discipline. Make the time every day to monitor relevant bloggers, industry and news sites. Post or repost content as it occurs to your followers and show them that you can be a source they can rely on to keep them informed. Don’t have the time? Consider outsourcing your social media to a pro. Make sure they have an understanding of your industry and your goals, but don’t shy away from partnering up on this one. The right person or company can make this a lot easier.

Tip #4 – Be Consistent. Consistency is key in social media. It is important that you post on a regular basis, otherwise people will think that you have nothing important to say. Also stay away from the “I just logged on for 10 minutes and now am going to post 15 articles in a row” habit. This habit shows that you are not considering your audience, it’s the equivalent of running into a dinner party right in the middle, going up to a group that’s in the middle of a conversation and talking loudly and quickly for 5 minutes and then walking straight out. In my opinion it’s rude and annoying at the same time. I quickly unfollow people who do this consistently and I’m sure I’m not the only one, so don’t be “that guy”.

I hope this shows you that developing Great Content isn’t impossible. They key is to put yourself in the shoes of those you want to speak to and understand what is and what is not Great Content. Make content a priority and understand the importance it has to your social media presence, and of course, let me know what I can to do help!

Sara Callahan | Carter West Public Relations




by Sara Callahan