Having a Facebook page is paramount to your business’ social media success. Before developing a Facebook page, ask yourself what do I want to get out of my page? Once you answer this question, you are better equipped to determine which page is better for your company’s needs and objectives. Technically, businesses can’t make personal profiles. However, owners/managers might consider creating a personal profile. Here’s a list of the benefits from each type of Facebook page.

Company Facebook Page

1. Number of followers: The goal of marketing is to reach as many people as possible. A company Facebook page doesn’t limit the people you reach like the personal page that maxes out at 5,000 friends. I’m sure you want your company to pass this number! Not to mention, when you surpass 5,000 friends, you’ll have to create another account.

2. Number of pages: Several automotive businesses have extensions to their brands. There’s no limit for business pages.  It would be beneficial to create separate business Facebook pages to address each product or service you offer. This will make marketing easier because your social media strategy can be tailored to each brand’s needs and target audience.

3. Wall postings: You have the ability to make your wall postings open, closed, or subject to approval. As a result, you have total control of the content your fans see when they visit your page.

4. Ads: Several companies use this feature to create a buzz or thank followers for liking your company. Running a contest or promotion is the perfect chance to display your creativity by engaging and/or rewarding your loyal followers.

Personal Facebook Page

1. Personal Connection: People become more invested in a product or service when they can personally identify with the company. An actual person adds a personal touch that resonates with the public and allows them to relate and connect with your company.

2. Messaging and Chats: Making yourself accessible to the public is essential in today’s market. The messaging and chat features are only included in personal Facebook accounts. This provides your friends with an authoritative point of contact to ask questions or inquire about your products and/or services.

3. Friend Profiles: All of your friend’s profiles are visible, so you gain a better understanding of your followers. This feature provides you with an insightful look at who your audience is and what they’re interested in.

4. Invite friends: Making friends is easy because you can send friend requests to other people. This feature is an excellent tool for increasing your network.

Working with the automotive industry is my bread and butter, so I want you to succeed and create the most effective social media presence for your company. I hope these benefits make deciding on a page easier. Remember every business is different, so choose the page that will effectively engage your clients.

by Sara Callahan