Press releases are a great way to announce a product or a major event in a corporation, but have you ever considered using them for other purposes like milestones or customer success stories? Below are 10 Press Release Ideas that you may not have considered.

#1 – Company Growth.  Has your company experienced significant growth in the last year, last quarter or last few years? This is a great opportunity to showcase the momentum and let your customers and others in the industry know you are a solid, stable player in your space.Carter West Public Relations

#2 – New Executive.  Have you hired a new VP or C level executive? Highlight how your company is fortifying your talent base by adding good talent shows that you are growing and committed to continuous improvement.

#3 – Speaking Engagement.  Is one of your executives or managers speaking at an industry conference or event? Why not spread the word to make sure that people know in advance? This can help spike attendance to the speaking engagement and spread good will with the conference organizers because it is free publicity for their event.

#4 – Winning an Award.  Awards are fantastic ways to show that your company is worthy of recognition and accolades. People like to know they are working with someone who is credible. Awards add a ton of credibility!

#5 – Announcing New Partnership.  Have you partnered with a new company? A joint release is a phenomenal way to show that you work with other key players within your industry. A partnership can be a new integration or just a referral agreement, either way an announcement will lend credibility to your organization.

#6 – New Product Enhancement.  If you’ve improved your product, tell the world! It doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul; maybe it’s just a feature enhancement that your customers have been requesting. Announcing it shows that you listen to your clients and make changes that keep them happy.

#7 – Upcoming Tradeshow.  Drive traffic to your booth. Let the industry know your booth number and what you will be presenting during the show.

#8 – Launching a New Website.  You’ve worked hard to get your new website launched, celebrate it by letting your clients and the industry know through a press release.

#9 – Customer Success Story.  A happy customer is the best way to let others know what they can expect if they sign up for your product or service. Showcase someone who is having success. This type of press release is much stronger if you include numbers and statistics.

#10 – Move into New Facilities. Have you expanded and moved into new facilities? Send out a press release to let your clients and the industry know. Especially focus on the benefits to your clients as well as your new neighbors.

These tips will not only help you get the word out, sending a press release to the wire through PR Newswire or PRWeb is a surefire way to improve organic SEO. Just make sure that the keywords you target are mentioned throughout your press release. Press releases don’t have to be about monumental events, they just need to be well written and timely.


Sara Callahan | Carter West Public Relations




by Sara Callahan